LinAqua baby

Application area

- for daily hygiene and moistening of nasal cavity of an infant since his/her first days of life;

- for daily use during an epidemic of acute respiratory viral infections and influenza;

- for daily use in an unfavourable environment, namely living in a harsh climate, staying in rooms with air-conditioning and/or district heating, exposure to polluted air (dust, paint, etc.);

- for daily use as prophylaxis and complex therapy of acute and chronic inflammatory (infectious, allergic, atrophic) diseases of nasal cavity of an infant:

- acute and chronic rhinitis;

- acute and chronic sinusitis;

- acute and chronic adenoiditis;

- allergic and atrophic rhinitis;

– for preparation of nasal mucosa to applicaton of medicines.

Application area

A product for prevention and use in combined therapy of ENT diseases in children of 0 years and older and adults by washing and irrigation of nasal and nasopharynx mucosa


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