Solopharm is a single quality standard at all production sites

Photo Solopharm is a single quality standard at all production sites

Solopharm today

Production capacities and accelerated pace of development, which is not typical for the local pharmaceutical market, allow the company to provide people with effective and affordable drugs that improve quality of their lives annually and solve a wide range of problems

Today Solopharm has more than 30 automated production lines at 4 production sites

Compliance with standards guarantees:


Control of the entire production chain: from the substance to the final product


Continuous strict compliance of the composition, technology, and analytical procedures with the requirements of the marketing authorization application

All Solopharm production sites are built in accordance with GMP standards

Photo GMP

Solopharm. 4 production sites

LDF plant

Liquid dosage forms plant

Photo LDF plant

The largest production in Russia of liquid dosage medicines in innovative release forms, preserving the sterility of the products, guaranteeing the high quality and safety of drugs.

SDF plant

Solid dosage forms plant

Photo SDF plant

The modern high-tech production of solid dosage forms: tablets and capsules in 9 highly demanding therapeutic areas.


Monoclonal antibodies production

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Production of monoclonal antibodies in such areas as oncology, autoimmune diseases, and ophthalmology, using high-tech equipment by the world manufacturers.


Dietary supplements production

Photo Supplements

Production of dietary supplements in capsules and stick packs.