Application area

Indicated for local anesthesia (infiltration and conduction anesthesia) in dentistry in adults, adolescents and children aged 4 years (with a body weight of about 20 kg) and older.

For a dosage of 40 mg / ml + 0.005 mg / ml: for planned procedures, such as uncomplicated extraction of one or more teeth, treatment of carious cavities and grinding of teeth before prosthetics.

For a dosage of 40 mg / ml + 0.01 mg / ml: for traumatic procedures and in need for pronounced hemostasis or improved visualization of the surgical field:

  • dental surgeries on the mucous membrane or bones, requiring the creation of conditions for more pronounced ischemia;

  • tooth pulp surgeries (amputation or extirpation);

  • removal of a broken tooth (osteotomy) or a tooth affected by apical periodontitis;

  • prolonged surgical treatments;

  • transosseous osteosynthesis;

  • cyst excision;

  • procedures on gingival mucosa;

  • apicectomy.

Application area

Local anesthetic agent + Alpha- and beta- adrenergic agonist

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