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Photo Product Aminocaproic acid - SOLOpharm 50 mg/ml PoliFlac 100 ml - Solopharm

Application area

  • Bleeding (hyperfibrinolysis, hypo- and afibrinogenemia);

  • Bleeding during surgical interventions and pathological conditions, accompanied by an increase in fibrinolytic activity of the blood (during neurosurgical, intracavitary, thoracic, gynecological and urological surgeries, including on the prostate gland, lungs, pancreas; tonsillectomy, after dental procedures, during bypass surgeries, during surgeries on the ear, throat, nose vessels);

  • Visceral diseases with hemorrhagic syndrome;

  • Premature separation of placenta, prolonged retention of the dead fetus in utero, complicated abortion

  • prevention of secondary hypofibrinogenemia during massive transfusions of preserved blood.

Application area

Haemostatic agent - Fibrinolysis inhibitor

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