Изображения являются переводом и носят информационный характер

Therapeutic class:
Direct acting anticoagulant
Nadroparin calcium

2,850 anti-Xa IU syringe
3,800 anti-Xa IU syringe
5,700 anti-Xa IU syringe
7,600 anti-Xa IU syringe

Manufacturing technology:

Indications for use
Prevention of thromboembolic complications:

- in general surgical and orthopedic interventions;

- in patients at high risk of thrombosis (in acute respiratory failure and/or respiratory infection, and/or heart failure), who are on bed rest due to an acute therapeutic pathology or hospitalised in resuscitation or intensive care units.

Treatment of moderate/severe pulmonary embolism or proximal deep vein thrombosis of lower extremities.

Prevention of blood clotting during hemodialysis.

Treatment of unstable angina and non-Q-wave myocardial infarction.