LinAqua forte throat

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LinAqua forte throat - Solopharm, фото 1

Therapeutic class:
The product is used for therapeutic, preventive and hygienic purposes to cleanse, relieve irritation and protect mouth and throat mucosa in children of 2 years and older and in adults
Hypertonic natural sterile sea water

2.1% 125 ml spray

Manufacturing technology:

Indications for use
- for prevention and complex treatment of acute and chronic infectious and inflammatory throat diseases:

- tonsillitis

- adenoiditis

- pharyngitis

- laryngitis;

– for prevention and complex treatment of ARVI;

– for preparation of throat mucosa to application of medicines;

– for patients suffering from dryness of posterior pharynx mucosa due to increased air dryness or pollution (district heating, air conditioning) in order to preserve physiological characteristics of throat mucosa under changed environmental conditions