Photo Product Pentoxifylline 20 mg/ml ampoules 5 ml - Solopharm

Application area

  • disorders of peripheral circulation against the background of atherosclerotic, diabetic and inflammatory processes (including intermittent claudication due to atherosclerosis, diabetic angiopathy, obliterative endarteritis);

  • trophic tissue disorders due to impaired arterial and venous microcirculation (varicose ulcers, gangrene, frostbite);

  • angio-neuropathies (paresthesias, acrocyanosis, Raynaud's disease);

  • acute and chronic cerebral circulation disorders of ischemic type (including cerebral atherosclerosis);

  • conditions after hemorrhagic or ischemic stroke;

  • circulatory disorders in the blood vessels of the eye (acute and chronic insufficiency of blood supply to the retina and vasculature of the eye);

  • middle ear disorders of vascular genesis, accompanied by hearing loss.

Application area



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