Gylan® Comfort

Application area

- For moistening of anterior ocular surface (cornea and conjunctiva) in mild dry eye syndrome;

- For alleviation of dry eye sensation, sandy-gritty sensation, in burning sensation, lacrimation, redness, itching, fatigue, "office" syndrome, as well as in foreign body sensation, "fatigue” sensation, after various previous eye diseases, especially after conjunctivitis and keratitis of various origins;

- For complex therapy of chronic blepharitis causing dry eye syndrome;

- For alleviation of eye dryness caused by systematic and prolonged administration of drugs (hormonal agents, anti-inflammatory drugs, antibiotics, etc.);

- For complex therapy of eye dryness caused by constant use of cosmetics, as well as after plastic surgery on the face;

- For moistening of anterior eye surface after ophthalmic surgery including after refractive interventions (LASIK, PRK, etc.), as well as with minor corneal injuries, as a part of complex therapy;

- For alleviation of discomfort when wearing hard and soft contact lenses, and for prevention of dry eye syndrome during contact vision correction;

- For prevention and complex therapy of corneal-conjunctival xerosis caused by environmental degradation and environmental pollution (smog, smoke, dust, etc.), and prolonged visual stress;

- In Sjogren's disease.

Application area

Moistening drops


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