Time to Open New Doors: Solid Plant Opens

Today, on April 29, the grand opening ceremony for a new production plant for solid dosage forms, Solid Plant, was held.

The foundation of Solid Plant was laid in September 2020, just 18 months ago. Nevertheless, despite the current domestic and global climate, as of today all construction work has been finished, and the plant is ready to start the production of drugs.

According to the design created by DG Consultants GmbH, the new plant comprises a multitude of innovative engineering structures. The concept of a matrix plant that can transform to meet the market’s needs, and change the configuration of cleanrooms within days was implemented in the Russian pharmaceutical industry for the first time.

On April 29, Solopharm opened new doors – the doors of Solid Plant – and welcomed its first guests. The grand opening event included a tour, during which employees of the plant walked the guests through modern cleanrooms and explained the manufacturing process.

Then the official part started, during which Oleg Zherebtsov, General Director, Yury Rukhlenko, Project Manager, and Evgeny Korol, Chief Engineer, gave their speeches and played the video messages of German partners who had designed two plants for Solopharm and developed and installed the cleanrooms.

The official part was followed by the unofficial one when guests had a chance to congratulate Solopharm and wish the company success.
Solid Plant is a part of Solopharm’s multipurpose pharmaceutical complex, which has the already-operating logistics link called “Bridge” connecting two plants; new quality control and development laboratories will open their doors in the immediate future.

84 drugs are currently under development, but this number will increase very soon. Cardiology and endocrinology are the priority areas, but the plant will additionally produce drugs for neurology, rheumatology, gastroenterology, internal medicine, pulmonology, and phlebology. It should be noted that half of the drugs currently being developed are on the Vital and Essential Drugs List.

Solopharm is one of the Top 50 fastest-growing Russian companies, and in 2021 it ranked №9 based on the growth rate among drug manufacturers in the retail segment (according to DSM Group). Solopharm is one of the major systemic companies of the Russian pharmaceutical sector.
The company launched its first plant in 2013 and already employs more than 1,600 people. The commencement of production at Solid Plant will create more than 250 jobs.

Photo: Time to Open New Doors: Solid Plant Opens