Solopharm introduced Elentra Nutrition - a new brand of dietary supplements

The entry of new products among dietary supplements is always a special event. Solopharm has launched Elentra Nutrition, a professional brand which composition was developed to consider the mutual influence of nutrients and the body's ability to absorb compounds. A modern person strives to make his diet balanced and understands the significance to fulfill the need for vitamins, minerals and other useful components. The need for nutrients can be increased in different cases such as living in urban conditions, suffering from constant stresses, irrational nutrition, weakened immunity.

Quality is a hallmark of the new brand, as it was created by true pharmaceutical experts. The brand was developed in the Solopharm laboratories, which have a GMP certificate. The company strictly selects the suppliers of substances based on quality certificates. All ingredients used for dietary supplements production undergo mandatory incoming quality control (they are checked against physical and chemical parameters and microbiological purity). The quality management system is confirmed by ISO 9001 and ISO 22000 certificates. All packaging, as well as printed packaging materials, undergo mandatory incoming quality control to confirm compliance with established requirements.

The developers paid special attention to the main components’ bioavailability. For example, minerals are presented in chelate compounds (bisglycinate). Such compounds are distinguished by a high absorption degree of the active substance and can reduce the risk of adverse events from the gastro-intestinal tract. The Elentra Nutrition range includes such products as «Magnesium + Calcium Chelate», «Zinc + Selenium», «Iodine + Tyrosine», «Iron + Vitamin C», «Chitosan + Chromium», etc. The dosages of the active ingredients are selected in accordance with the current norms.

Elentra Nutrition production is based on the pharmaceutical business success, world-class nutrition achievements, R&D professionals’ knowledge and experience, usage of the modern equipment and the latest developments in the capsule nutrients production. The use of Elentra Nutrition in addition to the main diet opens prospects for well-being during the entire working day.

Photo: Solopharm introduced Elentra Nutrition - a new brand of dietary supplements