Monoclonal antibodies – a new challenge for Solopharm

Monoclonal antibodies are a new challenge for Solopharm

In 2019, Solopharm set about launching an absolutely new field, both in terms of technology and scope of investment – the development and production of monoclonal antibodies.

In 2020, laboratories for culture and downstream processes development as well as for analytical characterization of biotechnological products quality were commissioned at the premises of Solopharm’s existing plant.

As of today, the company is making preparations for the next major step – establishment of an industrial site, where culture and downstream technologies will be transferred. The site will scale up the laboratory technology to the industrial size and produce batches for non-clinical and clinical studies under GMP.

The first development series of the R&D department comprised six drugs for treatment of oncological, autoimmune and ophthalmological diseases.

Biotech in figures:

Total project investments – RUB 1.14 billion.

Total investments – RUB 3 billion.

Total area – 747 square meters.

Total clean room area – 448 square meters.

Photo: Monoclonal antibodies – a new challenge for Solopharm