Let there be light! A new Solopharm plant connected to the electrical grid

Solopharm, a pharmaceutical powerhouse, will soon open a new plant for manufacture of solid dosage forms in Saint Petersburg capable of producing 4 billion tablets and capsules annually.

The essential scope of work has been completed by now. Outdoor water supply and plumbing, gas supply and heating networks have been commissioned already; the plant has been connected to the electrical grid.

What else was completed in December–January:

- Three out of five elevators had a trial run;

- The building was energized via direct current circuit;

- Clean room facilities were mostly finished;

- Dock levelers and gates were installed on the Bridge;

- The glass entrance lobby with polymer flooring was completed.

What is yet to be completed at the new Solopharm plant:

- The staircase finishing work is approaching completion;

- The construction of changing rooms is nearly finished.

The important news we hasten to share is that, in February, the plant will undergo an audit by the State Architectural and Construction Supervision Committee. Preparations for this important event are under way.

You may remember that, according to the project by the German company DG Consultants GmbH, the new Solopharm plant will be capable of changing the design of its facilities mid-operation. The ventilation and walls seem to hang in the air, as they have no support.

It is worth noting that the company is building the plant mostly at its own expense; the share of its financing comprises 75% of total investment amount. The enterprise is planning to produce medicines for such medical fields as cardiology, urology, neurology, rheumatology, gastroenterology, etc., and provide its new employees with high-tech workplaces.

Photo: Let there be light! A new Solopharm plant connected to the electrical grid