Following a hot trail of 2022: the third episode of SoloPharmShow went on the air

On October 28, the experts discussed three topical issues: trends in the pharmaceutical market through the eyes of buyers, solid dosage forms production in Solopharm and labor market in Russia. As a part of the new show edition, the speakers exchanged their opinions and discussed the questions of current interest.
This time among the invited guests of the broadcast were:

  • Eva Yashko (GfK Consumer Panel) - Regional Account Manager.
  • Solopharm representatives (Elena Agadjanjan - Development Director, Anton Rybolov - Head of the solid dosage forms production department, Anna Kotelnikova - Head of the clinical research department, Yana Kamenchuk - Deputy development director, Evgeny Tyupin - Director of the solid dosage forms plant).
  • Angelina Volodina (HeadHunter), Labor market analyst, Expert.
  • Olga Filippova (Eqvanta) – HRD.
  • Julia Kostyuk (Maxavit, Pharmacy chain) – HRD.
  • Nikita Udachin (36.6, Pharmacy Chain) - Compensation and benefits Group Head.

Our speakers discussed the following topics:
- Trends in pharma through the eyes of customers;
- Horizons of development and production of the solid dosage forms in Solopharm, as well as report from the production sites;
- Labor market in the pharmaceutical industry against the backdrop of changes in 2022;
- Features of the labor market for IT specialists;
- Recruitment and retention of personnel in the pharmacy network;
- Pharmacy staff motivation.
Let us remember that this show is about the pharmaceutical market firsthand from the people who create this market! Latest news, trends, and discussions about the pharmaceutical market issues are given in a moderately informative way, supported with analysis, and presented like a FUN show!

Photo: Following a hot trail of 2022: the third episode of SoloPharmShow went on the air