Elentra Nutrition won the Beauty & Wellness Award

On October 23rd, the editors of the «New hearth and home» («Novy ochag») magazine announced the results of the annual Beauty Awards 2023, where Elentra Nutrition, our food supplements line was awarded in the Nutraceuticals category.

Every year, the magazine's editorial board, in collaboration with experts and readers, select the best beauty products, dietary supplements and procedures. This year's the Beauty Awards were dedicated to the synergy of beauty and health.

The following food supplements were chosen by the editorial board:

1. Zinc + Selenium

Frequent colds, poor condition of hair and nails, signs of premature ageing may indicate a lack of zinc and selenium. In the dietary supplement, zinc takes part in the immune response, and selenium supports the functioning of the thyroid gland, provides protection against free radicals, prolonging youth.

2. Iron + Vitamin C

Lack of iron in the body means constant fatigue and lack of strength. A decrease in gastric acidity can reduce the ability to absorb iron ions. Amino acids, forming chelate complexes with iron, increase its bioavailability even with hypersensitivity.

We are very pleased that our favorite products were awarded and highly appreciated by experts! This motivates us to further develop to help people maintain their health and beauty, as well as enjoy a vibrant and active life!