Charity against cancer: Solopharm stays together with the «Gift of Life» foundation

Cancer remains one of the most dangerous and destructive diseases in the world. Despite significant achievements in the fight against cancer, patients and their loved ones still need support and assistance. For this reason, Solopharm actively supports Russian anti-cancer non-profit organizations.

«Gift of Life», the Fund for assistance to children with oncohematological and other serious diseases contributes to obtaining the necessary assistance, as well as develops systemic projects, conducts various events, and comes up with legislative initiatives.

Children receive systematic and targeted support, rehabilitation from the medical specialists and volunteers. Since 2011 the Foundation has been holding an annual meeting for anti-cancer non-profit organizations that helping children.

Solopharm cooperates with this Foundation, being a benefactor, and makes a significant contribution to its’ development. The allocated funds help children to get the most valuable thing in life – health!

Charity plays a key role in supporting cancer patients and their families, as well as in funding scientific research in this area. The fight against cancer requires significant financial resources, as well as the support of the society. Therefore, Solopharm directs funds to charity to help patients with access to effective treatment, receiving information and necessary resources.

We can all contribute to the fight against cancer through charity and solidarity.