All about dietary supplements: the second broadcast of SoloPharmShow went on the air

On July 8, representatives of the pharmaceutical industry discussed the topic of dietary supplements as a part of the second edition of SoloPharmShow. The experts spoke about the current situation on the market and discussed the most pressing issues in this area.

Among the invited guests of the broadcast were Tatyana Litvinova, Deputy General Director of AlfaRM; Lyubov Kucherenko, Pharmacist at Erkapharm Group, Pervaya pomoshch («First Aid », network of pharmacies); Kamilla Mufteeva, Head of dietary supplements department in Solopharm; Yana Kamenchuk, Deputy Director for Development in Solopharm; Svetlana Boldina, Solopharm Lead Technologist; Ksenia Belotsvetova, Solopharm Technologist; Egor Chuprin, Solopharm Senior Technologist, German Shklyaver, Head of Export Department in Solopharm; Oleg Komarov, CEO of Kvadrat S; Kristina Blitonova, Solotrade Development and Procurement Director and Victoria Braun, Solotrade Internet sales development and non-pharmacy retail Manager.

It should be noted that such a number of experts and variety of points of view within the show were presented for the first time! This was facilitated by unique content, meaningfulness, and novelty of information for many representatives of the pharmaceutical industry.

Speakers discussed key issues on the following topics:
 - The current situation on the dietary supplements market in Russia;
 - Features of the pharmacist work with dietary supplements;
 - Dietary supplements production in Russia;
 - Grey market of dietary supplements - concepts, logistics and prices.

Solopharm is one of the few companies that transparently demonstrates the activities of its R&D laboratories and factories. During this broadcast, the participants could see the reportage and interviews of technologists directly from their workplaces, where they showed how dietary supplements are developed and manufactured.

Let us remember that this show is about the pharmaceutical market firsthand from the people who create this market! Latest news, trends, and discussions about the pharmaceutical market issues are given in a moderately informative way, supported with analysis, and presented like a FUN show!

Full version of the second broadcast is available via the link.

Photo: All about dietary supplements: the second broadcast of SoloPharmShow went on the air