European quality at the best price

"The Russian pharmaceutical production: European quality at the best price"

Nowadays the Russian pharmaceutical industry has rapidly begun to rise up. The quality of domestic products has increased, which allows us to refuse from the imported medical products into Russia.
This is not surprising. With a constant consumer demand, by expanding, in this context, the production facilities and putting together the team of highly skilled professionals, we can provide the Russian market with all the necessary medicines. And, what is most important for the consumer – medicines with high quality, safe and at affordable price.
The expected question: "How can be high quality guaranteed at a low price?" – this can be easily explained.

What ensures the quality of Russian medicines?
What ensures the quality of Russian medicines? The priority task for the Russian pharmaceutical industry, in particular, for the market leader in the production of liquid medicines, the company Solopharm, is the provision of health for every citizen and a high living standard. For that to happen, the plant is equipped with modern production lines and the latest equipment with high level of automation.
Solopharm has at its disposal advanced laboratory equipped with the most modern appliances necessary to determine the quality of raw materials and to perform special testing of the medicines.
The most important is that the production is performed in accordance with the international regulations of Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP). This means that at all production stages, from preparation of raw materials to finished products, stringent quality control is to be carried out. Quality assurance system allows to monitor systematically the production of pharmaceutical products. In its turn, the Russian pharmaceutical company "Solopharm" values its reputation and produces solely safe, high-quality and effective drugs. Beneficial for the Russian consumer pricing policy, proposed by "Solopharm" makes products available to Russians.

Factors affecting pricing policy
Due to the fact that the production premises of Solopharm is located in Russia, there is no need to pay customs duties. Additionally, an important issue affecting low pricing in comparison with imported to Russia medicines, is the level of labor remuneration, which is much higher in Europe.
Using modern technology, latest equipment, with the support of highly skilled professionals and a great desire to work for the good of the country, "Solopharm", being an unsurpassed leader in the production of liquid sterile drugs in Russia, offers domestic consumers quality products, in no way inferior to the European, because the most important thing for a Russian pharmaceutical manufacturer – healthy nation!