The Bay of Saint-Malo treasure LinAqua

The Bay of Saint-Malo treasure LinAqua.
Since ancient times the sea was considered the cradle of all life on our planet, so sea water has unique qualities. It contains the elements that determine our health. The list is very large, starting with sodium and magnesium, on down to rare elements of the periodic table.
LinAqua takes its water from the real natural treasure, the Bay of Saint-Malo on the Atlantic coast of France. The highest overall environmental standard of the region is confirmed by UNESCO. Thanks to the powerful sea currents and big tidal wave, the water is actively saturated with oxygen, always remains clean and retains its unique properties. In Saint Malo, there are more than 800 species of algae, which moreover indicates the biological activity of the parent raw material.
100% raw sea water of LinAqua is a complex of rare vitamins and minerals. Unlike most of saline solutions, LinAqua has a wide therapeutic action: copper – is responsible for cell regeneration, sodium chloride – to remove the mucus, calcium - anti-allergic effect, magnesium – reduces inflammation and stimulates the local protection of mucosa, sulfur – restores patency of zinc and selenium for the maintenance of local immune system and regeneration, carbonates, sulfates and chlorides - for the production of mucus and prevention of dry nose.
LinAqua is a part of the Adriatic sea. Impeccable control at all stages of manufacturing and usage of modern production technologies guarantee a high quality of the product!