Production technologies

Blow-Fill-Seal Technology

Advanced aseptic filling in one operation cycle Blow-Fill-Seal

  • Reliably – tamper-proof package
  • Safety – shatter-proof package
  • Profitably – low productions costs

BFS Technology is used in pharmaceutical industry mostly for packaging of solutions. This technology requires special care and conditions in order to avoid microbiological or other contamination of the product. BFS technology allows to produce containers from polypropylene or polyethylene granules, fill and seal it using a single machine. The process is protected by forced sterile air and special filters and runs without human intervention , that provides the necessary aseptic conditions. And considering the fact that during the entire cycle an open container interacts with «clean rooms» atmosphere within less than 2 seconds, risk of contamination is practically reduced to zero.

Bag-On-Valve Technology


  • Works in any position
  • Continous spraying
  • Equipped with unique nozzle that matches anatomy of nose


  • Filling of sterile components is carried out in clean rooms
  • Absolutely sterile during all time of use, and one-way valve prevents product to come back in bottle


  • Product is inside bag and isolated from gas
  • It does not contain any emissions harmful to human and environment