At the plant there is installed the modern and technology equipment with high level of automation. The purified water is realized in water preparation unit by reverse osmosis method, water for injection is produced in multicolumn distiller. Water quality is controlled continuously (online) through installed automatic conductometer. In case of non-compliance of conductivity the water is wasted in canalization.
Preparation of sterile solutions is realized in reactors equipped with hatches, mixers, samplers, sterilized air filters, CIP/SIP units and raw material feeding systems.
Sterilization of medicines is made by superheated water in in-line autoclaves equipped with control system.

Solopharm production consists of 22 lines:

  • 6 BFS lines
    productivity up to 2 500 bottles per hour each
  • 4 BFS line
    productivity up to 20 000 ampoules per hour each
  • 3 glass ampules lines
    productivity up to 24 000 glass ampoules per hour each
  • 1 multidoses line
    productivity up to 10 000 bottles per hour
  • 2 pre-filled syringes and glass cartridges lines
    productivity up to 5 000 syringes/cartridges per hour
  • 2 BOV lines
    productivity up to 600 balloons per hour each
  • 1 nasal spray line
    productivity up to 6 000 sprays per hour
  • 3 universal lines
    productivity up to 750 units per hour each


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